About Latinos Go Green

Latinos Go Green is a not-for-profit nonpartisan grassroots organization whose mission is to educate and engage Hispanics to participate in the environmental debate, seek local solutions to their environmental issues, and build healthy sustainable communities for all.

The vision of Latinos Go Green is simple: achieving a better quality of life for Latino communities and their families where economic, social, and environmental priorities are equally important. The project has built up significant programmatic experience.

Latinos Go Green will seek to achieve mission by pursuing the following goals:

  1. Educating Latino communities about environmental and conservation problems and solutions
  2. Cultivating local Latino leaders to publicly promote environmental values and healthy communities as a priority
  3. Empowering Hispanics to voice their environmental values by participating in the  political process on a Federal, State, and Local level through civic engagement and advocacy
  4. Engaging Latino families to help reduce their ecological impact and seek solutions to environmental challenges through incentives and community organizing